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Bipolar TW, Mental Illness TW

And like, I’m also wanting to go raw because I think it’ll help my Bipolar. I had a pretty good summer when I was raw that one time. There are a lot of suggested connections between diet and Bipolar mood swings. So it’s worth trying.

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Eating Disorder TW, Anorexia TW, EDNOS TW, Bipolar TW, Self-Injury TW, SI TW, Mental Illness TW

I would say I’m about 98% recovered from my eating disorder, which is fucking incredible. I still have passing thoughts about starving, especially when I’m upset, but they’re just that - passing. I’m largely able to dismiss them.

Self-injury is a little harder. Though I haven’t done it in many months, for the persistent thoughts, I’d say about 80% recovered. I’m doing well, but it’s SO HARD to resist the thoughts, or to shut them down as quickly as I can my ED-related thoughts.

I don’t know if there is recovery for Bipolar, really. I have more good periods than I used to.

I dunno. I’m having a lot of anxiety today, though. It’s interesting how it manifests now.

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Dear Ricky Gervais,
Respect for animals doesn’t stop at the cute little animals in laboratories that you’ve selectively chosen to give a shit about. Unless you’re vegan, you’re a hypocrite.
Now fucking stop torturing animals.

Yes! Just read an interview with him recently where he harps on for ages about how much he loves cheese and eats fish and poultry. Really. He’s so ignorant. And he was named PETA’s Person of the Year. Ugh, spare me. All he does is support the soft, easy targets of the animal rights movement - ending vivisection and poaching. They’re safe things to support because they require only a little effort from people and are non - controversial (i.e. you’ll rarely cop flack from anyone for opposing those things). What’s much more difficult is opposing the use of animals for meat, dairy, and eggs. If Ricky truly cared about animals, he’d oppose the industry that is responsible for the death of appox. 156,000,000,000 of them each year. But oh no, that would mean giving up his Brie and fish sticks!

Well put!

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I’m so glad for the internet and vegan support :)


Without these I never would have realised the atrocities that befall animals every day and wouldn’t have support when ignorant people say stupid things.

For instance. My veggie friend made a post saying about us not needing meat etc. One of her Facebook “friends” commented saying that abbatoirs are humane and that she’s been in them and never seen an animal look scared. What? This was my response:

Abbatoirs are humane? The animals aren’t scared? What?! Whatever way you look at it there is no “humane” way to kill an animal. The outcome is always death. Not only is it harming the animals but it’s harming the planet. Where do you think all those carcasses go? What do you think it’s doing to the air we breath? In the long run no one will ever benefit from factory farming. The workers will end up with severe mental health issues having to murder for a living and our planet will (if it doesn’t already) will have irreparable damage at the hands of the meat industry. Also I won’t even go into the links between meat and dairy and every major disease but look at the other things it has brought us, swine flu & mad cow disease, just saying. Not looking for a row just stating the facts. It’s all there to see if you care enough to look. Xx

That was a great response!

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Yeah I’m going a little design crazy!! Lol #whatveganswear #vegan #shirtdesigning

Can I get one of these?!?!?!?!

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Abuse TW, Rape TW


But if someone hooked you up to a breast pump and impregnated you over and over that would be illegal.

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@antidepressantsandvodka "Lol @ people who think their not selfish for eating meat. Like, you dont need it and a sentient being dies because of it. Hooow is that not completely selfish? Good response, A+ It gets to the point where we just get sooo sick of repeating ourselves though. They don't listen."

I’m sure my followers are rolling their eyes like “why does she bother”. I can’t help myself on some days, but I mentally cringe throughout the whole process, and there is a lot of sighing.

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Seriously considering becoming vegan…or going on a “plant based diet”. I’m watching the documentary Forks Over Knives at the moment and it’s super intriguing. I might ease into it, start out eating mostly vegan things and see how it goes from there. I just find it difficult living in Europe where things like nutritional yeast and soys are not available anywhere.

The great thing about veganism is that you don’t HAVE to have those things. I’ve never even had nutritional yeast, and I’ve been vegan almost two and a half years.

Sure, you don’t need nutritional yeast, but it will make your life 110% better. I know you can buy it on amazon, but I buy it in health stores (I live in Sweden).

I hear it’s great, but I just don’t want specialty foods like that to be the reason some people don’t go vegan.

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Oh, you’re vegan?




I respect that.

But don’t force your beliefs on me.

If I can respect your choices, the least you can do is respect mine.

Not all opinions merit respect. You’re responsible for increasing the demand in an industry that tortures and kills sentient beings. Why should I respect that?

I can’t fathom the mental gymnastics involved in that like “yeah yeah I know animal cruelty but like hold on a second, can’t you just respect me?” Like that changes anything

Our generation has, unfortunately, been taught that everything we think or say is valuable. It’s just not.

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