I’m having some pretty horrible thoughts today and I can’t seem to stop it, so…


I’m so tired of fighting.

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suburban, white conservative: "PRO LIFE! ALL LIVES MATTER!!!!!!"
*black child gets shot by cop*
suburban, white conservative: *crickets chirping*

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How to get me to unfollow you immediately:


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Hey everyone! So I’m in kind of a bind. I really hate having to make this post but the apartment that I’m moving in to in one week apparently lost my $500 deposit. Since I used money gram, I have to file a claim for a refund & pray I get that money back (unfortunately there is no guarantee, even if they can see that the money order was never deposited). This process could take anywhere from 1-3 months, if I ever get a refund at all. In the mean time, I still have to pay that $500 deposit in order to move in to my apartment, but I don’t exactly have an extra $500 lying around. I took out every cent of my savings, but that combined with my checking leaves me just enough money for the deposit, rent for the rest of August, & rent on the 1st for September. 

I have a donate button on the top of my page. If anyone could spare $5 just so I can afford electricity for the next month until I get back on my feet I’d really appreciate it. I’m not sure when or even if I’d be able to pay you back, & I can’t really make anything, but even a dollar or 2 would really help. Or if you can’t spare any money, prayers & positive thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you!

(Payments in positive stories about your animal companion or anything great in your life would also be nice, really anything so I can stop crying)

Please help this lovely human! <333

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If I had to write about being bipolar,
I would write about the ups and downs.
How some days you feel like you are soaring
and others you feel like you are fifty feet underground.
How you know logically that there must be an escape,
how else will you fly again in the future?
But you feel in your bones that there is no escape,
so there isn’t.

If I had to write about being bipolar,
I would write about the uncertainty and doubt
that you face at every single word you say.
Is this a part of my disease behavior?
you ask yourself as you exchange casual conversation with a friend.
How do I really act, when I am not manic or depressed?
How do I really feel?

If I had to write about being bipolar,
I would write about the high suicide rates
and the high substance abuse rates
that people with bipolar suffer from.
They are not selfish, you cry,
even as people tell you otherwise.
They are an escape.

If I had to write about being bipolar,
I would write about the stigma.
How you feel trapped in your own mind,
with an inability to make sense of your emotions,
with nowhere and no one to turn to.
No one who wouldn’t judge you and call you weak
just for a chemical imbalance in your brain.

If I had to write about being bipolar,
I would write about getting treatment.
How sometimes the medication actually helps,
how you learn coping skills and how to deal with things
that you never thought you could.
You will be bipolar for the rest of your life,
but the thought is almost bearable now.

If I had to write about being bipolar,
I would write about hope.
And how you learn to smile through hard times
and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
There will be times that are hard to handle,
but you will get through it.
You will be alright.

— "Write What You Know" by me. Just a little poem I wrote about being bipolar, in case anyone was ever wanted a bit of a bipolar person’s perspective on it. :)

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"When I turned vegan, I didn’t feel that way about every animal around. I’ve noticed it’s something that changes naturally. Nowadays I vacuum around a spider, catch flies to release them outside and let silverfish go about their business; a whole new world, a whole new-found mental peace. I love being vegan, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I finally understand, we all have but one life, human, cow, ant, everyone, it is not our right to take it away in a whim, simply because we can, it’s their right to live their lives, just like us, just like me."
— Jaco van Drongelen (Nov 29, 2013)

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I hate cops. I don’t trust cops.

I don’t care if your uncle is a cop.

Fuck your uncle, I hate him too.

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@Anonymous "Yo, if racism really exists, then why are the black community and the white community treated exactly the same way when it comes to law enforcement?"


Haha, seriously tho, this is what racists think, for real.

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"Don’t ever compliment me by insulting other women. That’s not a compliment, it’s a competition none of us agreed to."

"You’re not like other girls." Shut the fuck up. 

I will reblog this until the end of fucking time. #womensupportingwomen2kforever

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