Formal Education is a Joke

I haven’t really learned anything in the classroom in the last four years of university. I’m constantly stressed out while pursuing a linear path that is designed for white, Christian, upper-middle class, able-bodied individuals. Despite the institution’s mission statement to create “autonomous thinkers”, the fact is that it’s a series of courses on how to regurgitate information without really learning it.

My professor, who is ironically the chair of the Women’s Studies department, shows no concern whatsoever for intersectionality and the plight of female students with disabilities. I’m pretty sure she thinks I give all female scholars a bad name.

I almost got written up for using a portion of my OWN WORK that I CREATED in the context of a new project.

People here graduate with no respect for members of minority groups. They forget the technicalities of everything they “learned” within a year, because factual regurgitation isn’t meant to stick.

I’m only here to get a piece of paper that will increase my employment prospects, because they have nothing to teach me.

Fuck all of this.

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